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Find your balance.

The bracelet for everyone who wants to be more concentrated, calmer and more balanced with the help of amber.

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Balance band

Your companion

Baltic natural amber quickly brings the body to rest and improves the ability to concentrate. We thought: as many people as possible should benefit from this. The idea of the sports band with amber was born.

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Why Balance Band?

Our claim

To produce a bracelet that is filled with amber along its entire length, uncompromising in quality and visually striking. Made entirely by hand in Austria and in close cooperation with the HIRSCH company in Klagenfurt. 17 years of experience in product development have shown us: The Balance Band works for over 90% of all people - in sports, at work and in everyday life.

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For body and mind

Why amber?

As a healing stone, it was already used in antiquity, for example by Thales von Milet, for the treatment of pathogens, fever or gout. Worn as an amulet, amber has been said to have been able to avert impending disaster for centuries. In the Middle Ages, amber was used as a medicine that was prescribed against bladder problems or diseases of the liver, kidneys and gall bladder. The amber was, of course, finely ground before ingestion.
Amber also creates joie de vivre: It calms, relieves anxiety and depression and gives creative ideas a boost. The healing stone calms, focuses, improves decision-making and flexibility and is supposed to make people more attractive.


Mehr als die Summe seiner Teile

Unser Ziel war es, ein Armband zu produzieren, das über die gesamte Länge mit Bernstein gefüllt, in der Qualität kompromisslos und optischen markant ist. Das ist uns gelungen: In reiner Handarbeit in Österreich und in enger Zusammenarbeit mit der Firma HIRSCH in Klagenfurt gefertigt.

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For body and mind

What is amber anyway?

Amber, also known as sea stone or amber, comes in many different colors. Most of the time, however, the legendary gemstone shines warmly in gold. This is no coincidence: after all, amber is fossil tree resin. This makes it one of the most desirable gemstones of all. Incidentally, its name is derived from the Low German word "Börnsteen", which means burning stone and refers to the flammability of the stone.

Since I've been using the Balance Band, I've been playing a class better!

Hubert Neuper, ski jumping legend

Eight months later, I can only report positive things. I agree with the explanations on the website. My customers are also enthusiastic about the Balance Band!

Peter step

The balance band fits the wrist very well and has a cool, sporty and at the same time classy look. In addition, I can use it to carry out all kinds of movements without being disturbed, without it bothering me. I wear it to tennis and I'm thrilled with the results!

Jan Philipp Wishnat

Bought the Balance Band to play better golf. In the past I was often nervous and insecure. So there was still room for improvement. The delivery was prompt. The look and feel are excellent. On the golf course I already experienced moments of success, especially when putting.

Gottfried Ostermaier